SMM promotion

SMM продвижение

WE comprehensively develop accounts in Instagram and FacebookTelegramYouTube channel (turnkey)

МЫ комплексно развиваем аккаунты в Инстаграм и Фейсбук, Телеграм, Ютуб-канал (под ключ)

Creating a promotion plan

Analysis of the market and competitors

Rubricator development

Compilation of a content plan for 31 days

processing your photos

editing your videos

Writing unique texts for posts

Setting up an Instagram and Facebook business profile

Selection of visual design for publications

Choosing the right hashtags

Configuring mailing / auto-mailing to new users

Cleaning from bots

Launching and maintaining advertising campaigns (targeting),

Carrying out activities to increase the involvement of people (competitions, promotions, marathons),

Analysis of the results of work (analytics),



Are there any

Of course, cases in the field of beauty, furniture, services, shops, tourism, children’s goods and personal brands.

Examples related to your topic will be shown upon request.


Есть ли кейсы?

Конечно, кейсы в сфере красоты, мебели, услуг, магазинов, туризма, детских товаров и личных брендов.

Примеры, близкие вашей тематике, покажем под запрос.


Are there any

With complex work on your profiles, we guarantee: an increase in subscribers, an increase in account coverage, an increase in interactions with posts, an increase in audience engagement.

Which ultimately leads to leads from your target customers.


Есть ли гарантии?

При комплексной работе над вашими профилями гарантируем: увеличение подписчиков, рост охватов аккаунта, увеличение взаимодействий с постами, рост вовлеченности аудитории.

Что в конечном счете приводит к заявкам от ваших целевых клиентов.

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